Upper limb

If you experience difficulties in the functioning of your arm, elbow, wrist or hand, this can be very disturbing in your daily life. An orthosis or brace can then help to support your upper limbs or make them move better. Which orthosis is perfect for you is, of course, determined by the functionality, and your personal wish. Together with our provider, you choose which orthosis suits you best.

Spronken Orthopedics offers the following orthoses for complaints related to the upper limb

Elbow orthosis

Your elbow joint is often under heavy load, especially in the household, work and sports. The resulting pains can be treated with an elbow orthosis. In the case of stretch deficits, for example after an elbow operation, a special brace can be provided with a spring that gives a constant tension on the joint.


Wrist Brace

A wrist orthosis or wrist brace has for goal to support, stabilise or to correct. Depending on your symptoms, your wrist orthosis may serve to rest or, on the contrary, to make it move better.


Hand splint

A hand splint or rest splint is an orthosis that supports the wrist and hand. This splint is made to measure with the aim of avoiding hand strains, as much as possible. In general, these hand splints are mainly worn at night so that they do not interfere during the day.


Silver rings

These orthoses look like a silver jewel but help you with chronic diseases of the fingers, hand and wrist joints. They are pain relieving, provide stability, correct deformations and ease your daily actions and functioning.


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