Head – Neckorthosis

The head and neck are very important parts of the body. They protect vital body functions, including the brain. If the skull can no longer protect the brain enough, a head or neck orthosis can offer a solution.

Spronken Orthopedics offers the following orthoses for head and neck complaints

Crash helmet

A crash helmet or protective helmet protects your head, face, chin and/or jaw to prevent injury. In addition to optimum protection, comfort is also very important to us.


Nose mask

If you have a nose injury but want to stay active in sports, then a nose mask can offer a solution. The nose mask provides optimum protection, but also as much wearing comfort as possible. The nose protector can be made from shock-resistant plastic or carbon. The advantage of carbon is that it is a very light material.



A collar supports, stabilises and/or immobilises your neck. Depending on the needs and requirements of your condition, these can be soft, semi-rigid or rigid.


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