Hip orthosis

Complaints can arise during pregnancy, sports, work or even in the household. A hip orthosis is a tool that can provide support, but can also stabilize your hips. This is a solution for complaints such as pelvic instability, inguinal hernia or hip luxation.

Spronken Orthopedics offers the following orthoses for hip complaints

Spread pants

Spread pants are part of the treatment of hip dysplasia in babies. The spread pants ensure that the legs are spread and remain in a spread position. This will bring the hip head back into the hip cup so that the hip can develop well.


Hip Brace

With hip luxation, a hip brace can be prescribed as an after-treatment. This brace limits your movements, so that your hip does not pop out. This will make your leg bend and stretch less. Thanks to the brace, your leg can be pushed slightly outwards so that they are slightly wider apart. This way, the hip brace provides a constant pressure on the head in the cup.


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