Breast Prostheses

Our breast care advisors are happy to help you before and after your breast surgery with the correct advice and information about the different breast forms, bras, … You are not alone, and together we will assist you in every step of the rehabilitation process.

Personal Approach With Breast Prostheses

In the period immediately after the breast amputation, we work with a postoperative prosthesis. This prosthesis contains a fabric bag filled with cotton wool which ensures minimal friction and optimum comfort. This allows the scar to heal without irritation. The advantage of this prosthesis is that you can determine the volume yourself. It is worn approximately up to 6 weeks after surgery, depending on progress and healing.

In the next step, we work with a non-adhesive silicone prosthesis. Together we will find you the most suitable prosthesis so that it perfectly fits to your body. For optimum wearing comfort, the prosthesis is worn in a bra where a separate pocket is provided for wearing the prosthesis. Another option is the self-adhesive prostheses. These make direct contact with the skin and do not use a bra. This option is possible 1 year after of the operation.


Reimbursement of breast prostheses

An external breast prosthesis is reimbursed by the health insurance fund in case of a mammectomy. There is an allowance for both the postoperative prosthesis and the definitive prosthesis. A prosthesis is possible six weeks after the postoperative prosthesis. A year later, a definitive breast prosthesis can be purchased. The renewal period is then every 2 years. A breast prosthesis can be prescribed by both a general practitioner and a specialist.

All information that you can find about reimbursements is not definitive. We therefore recommend that you always contact your own health insurance fund regarding reimbursements.

If you prefer a breast reconstruction with an implant, it is always recommended to contact your own mutual insurance company regarding reimbursements.

Prosthesis bra

To be able to use your prosthesis optimally, a good prosthetic bra is required.
You recognize a good prosthetic bra by the following characteristics:

  • The bra has adjustable and elastic shoulder straps that are often padded.
  • The larger the cup size, the wider the shoulder straps, to provide optimum support.
  • It has a wide and soft undercup band, for pleasant wearing comfort.
  • There are at least two rows of hooks and eyes, and it is adjustable in three positions.
  • The bra cups are large enough to cover your prosthesis.
  • The neckline is cut in a way that it completely covers your prosthesis.
  • There is a higher arm cut-out to cover any scars.

In addition to functionality, we also strive for beautiful and high-quality bras that make you feel good. We therefore offer a wide range of bras in different colours, textures and materials. In addition, we also offer custom swimwear.

If you would like a prosthetic bra, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will gladly take the time for you to go through all the options.

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